Google Ads Case Study - Aussie Decking Chippie

Aussie Decking Chippie is a carpenter based in NSW, Australia. They specialise in the construction of deckings, pergolas and other outdoor entertainment areas.

We designed a new logo for ADC along with a brand new website.

Being a new business and website, a marketing campaign to bring in some work was at the forefront of our plan.

The Goal

Being a new business with a new website, it was important to start things off on the right foot and bring traffic and leads in as soon as possible.

Our Plan & Approach

Our plan was to bring in some targeted traffic to the new website in order to get leads that the business owner can quote on and hopefully win. We decided that Google Ads would be the best platform for this so that we could target anyone searching for the services they provide in their area.

The Outcome

As soon as the Google Ads campaign started, website visitors started flowing in along with leads via emails and phone calls. The business owner is extremely happy with the performance so far and is looking to scale up their advertising budget in the near future and perhaps experiment with other platforms.

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