10 Filthy SEO Secrets

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In this FREE eBook, we share the top 10 disgustingly shady techniques and filthy secrets used by some SEO companies. Uncovering topics such as:

  • False promises & guarantees.
  • Dodgy techniques that could get you banned from Google.
  • What to look out for when hiring an SEO agency.
  • Tips when doing your own SEO or hiring an agency.
Free SEO eBook

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Like in most industries all over the world, the SEO industry is also full to the brim of crooks trying to make off with your hard earned cash.

We GUARANTEE that this free eBook will educate you more on SEO whether you're doing it yourself or hiring an agency.

Having experience as an SEO agency for over 15 years we have come across some of the most outlandish false promises, guarantees and wrongdoings that we've ever seen which we wanted to share and debunk for all to see.

We decided to write this eBook to educate anyone looking to engage an SEO company of the things to look out for before and during their campaigns.

Although we would love it, this isn't some half baked plan to get you to work with our agency. We are just sick of hearing about people being ripped off left, right and centre and if this book helps even some of you to avoid that, we'd be extremely happy.

This eBook covers the top 10 ways that a lot of SEO companies often lie and cheat you out of your money. Of course, not all SEO companies engage in this type of filthy behaviour, but we want to try and protect you from the ones that are. This small group of so called 'SEO experts' are ruining the industry for the honest and hard working ones out there and giving us all a bad name.

There is nothing worse than shelling out hundreds of dollars month on month for little to no results.

Our eBook is also full of tips to help you along with your SEO journey and to help you make more informed decisions before doing so either by yourself or through an agency.

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