Event Timeline - 16 Aaran Close, Endeavour Hills VIC 3802

First Flood Event

First flood event occured. Due to a suspected compromised roof tile, rainwater entered the roof-space and flooded the Kitchen, Dining Room, Lounge Laundry, Bathroom and Bedroom 3. In these rooms, the damage that occured was the following: – Flooring (Laminate Timber, Carpet & Tiling). – Ceilings throughout aforementioned rooms. – Electrical Items (Ceiling Fans). – Blinds. – Furniture. – Cabinetry.

Claim Made with Allianz Insurance
Allianz Insurance

Allianz was called and a claim was made regarding the flood and damages.

Perco Attends Premises

Perco attends the premises. They carried out the following works: – Lifted up some of the laminate timber flooring. – Removed fascia off front of kitchen bench. – Made ceiling safe from further collapse. – Setup 4x fans to dry out area which blew ceiling insulation all through the home.

Blue RMS Attends Premises
Blue RMS

Blue RMS attends premises. They carried out the following works: – Replaced roof tiles. – Temporarily Repaired Ceiling. – Assessed the damaged to prepare for a quote.

Moved Out To Airbnb
Airbnb Logo

We were moved out to an Airbnb whilst the house was drying out.

Returned Home from Airbnb
Airbnb Logo

Returned home from AirBnb to find fans were still running at the house. None of my furnishings, carpets, etc. had been protected or covered from the insulation dust and particles that were blown around the home from the roof space.

Received Health Letter from GP
Received Health Letter from GP

Received a letter from my GP about their concern with my increasing shortness of breath and chest pain. This letter was in relation to health issues I experienced after the drying fans placed in my home by Perco blew insulation debris and dust throughout my home. My GP advised that more suitable accommodation should be organised by Allianz due to these health issues. Allianz ignored this letter and we continued to live in the home.

Blue RMS Begins Rectification Works
Blue RMS

Blue RMS attends the property to begin rectification works. Scope of works that were carried are outlined in attached document (scope of works): Blue RMS Estimate – SOW

Blue RMS Completes Rectification Works
Blue RMS

Rectification works were completed by Blue RMS to a very unsatisfactory standard. The issues with their work is as follows: Poor plaster work. Poor paintwork. Faulty Electrical work. Timber Laminate Flooring in Dining Room and Living Room was not installed correctly which led to buckling of the flooring. Ceiling plaster in bathroom was double-skinned (New sheets of plaster were placed over old sheets that had mould). Painted directly over water-stain on ceiling in bedroom 3. Flooring was not removed or repaired in Kitchen, Laundry & Bathroom. Cabinetry in Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom 3 was not repaired even though it was swelling after the flood event. See images in next event.  

Blue RMS – Photos of Unsatisfactory Workmanship
Blue RMS

This gallery illustrates the poor workmanship by BlueRMS. The cracking in plaster could also be due to the fact that the foundations of the home are compromised as will be outlined in flood event #2.


CRD – Causation Report

1678899 – Dobbin – Causation Report

PPS Plumbing – Report

1670192_PPS – Plumbing Report

CRD – Supplementary Report

CRD Supplementary Report

Rectify – Quote to Repair Footings

JC23V145 – 16 Aaran Close Endeavour Hills (1)

8 Point Building Inspections – Report

16 Aaran Close Endeavour Hills 3802 (2)

Ambrose Construct – Leak Location Report

Leak Location Report 04-12-2023C45B5001 Ambrose Leak detection test (1)

Ambrose Construct – Roof Report

Roof Report Ambrose construct

Ambrose Construct – Roof Report #2

Ambrose Construct – Roof Report #2 2nd Roof Report_05_02_202499FA2001

Vivid Engineering – Forensic Engineering Report

Engineers Report 14.02.202496126001