CRD prepared a causation report on the property. This is a quote from this report: “5.5.2 The floor levels within the dwelling were observed to be up to 9 mm and 10
mm higher (north-western corner of lounge room and south-western corner
of the dwelling (bedroom 2)), and up to 5 mm lower (south-eastern corner of
dining area) than the datum point.”

The quote above establishes that on this date (30th April 2020) that the dwelling was 9-10mm higher in the north-western corner of the lounge room compared with their datum point. This would be an effect of the water ingress under the home that would have heaved (lifted) the foundations shortly before falling.

See later report dated on 11th January 2024 by Rectify, showing that this exact same corner of the property, now has a drop of 20mm. In less than 4 years, the property has dropped ~20mm as a result of compromised foundations. This is a total amount of movement of ~30mm which is what has caused major damage to the structure of the property.

1678899 – Dobbin – Causation Report

See aforementioned quote on page 5 of the above report.


This evidence proves the starting point of the property’s level and it’s now current level. It is also important to note that the datum point used on both reports are in identical positions.

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